5 Super Rare and Expensive CSGO Skins


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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been dominating the realm of FPS eSports ever since it was released in 2012, due in no small part to its highly addictive gameplay and focus on precision over spray-and-pray. Although CSGO gets a lot of recognition from its eSports fame, it’s the customizable skin system that gets most of the attention online. Earning, selling, and trading CSGO skins is an incredibly interesting sub-market of the game, with some wildly profitable items to discover.

Over the past decade, some of the rarest CSGO skins have sold for upwards of $130,000, making these virtual paint-jobs far more valuable than the systems they are used on. Today, we’re looking at some of the rarest and most valuable CSGO skins as we dig deeper into the wild history of this volatile market. With so many places to buy or sell CSGO skins, it’s no wonder this FPS has gained massive popularity.

The Rarest and Most Expensive CSGO Skins

1. Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP

Image credit: CSMoney

The Souvenir Dragon Lore skin for the AWP covert sniper rifle is easily one of the rarest skins in CS GO, made available in limited quantities starting in the summer of 2014. With a sleek yet fiery dragon decal and a green/black checkboard pattern on the scope and stock, the Dragon Lore skin is as visually appealing as it is expensive. In its rarest form, the ultra-limited Souvenir variant, this skin can sell for upwards of $40,000.

2. Howl M4A4

Image credit: CSMoney

The Howl skin for the M4A4 has a storied history, informing stolen art-work, a massive influx of demand, and the creation of a brand new classification of skins in CSGO. First released in May of 2014 as a part of the Huntsman Collection, the Howl design was eventually discovered to be stolen artwork, forcing Valve to update the skin. However, the existing Howl skins with the stolen art were added to a new category of CSGO skins, Contraband. One Howl skin, which had 4 ultra-rare “iBUYPOWER Katowice 2014” stickers, sold for over $100,000 in mid-2020.

3. Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves

Image credit: CSMoney

Flashy guns aren’t the only big seller in the CSGO skins market, as the Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves are arguably just as valuable as some of the most expensive firearm skins. Released in November of 2016, these sleek, purple gloves are a favorite among the community. Although the pink-colored Vice Sports Gloves come close, the Pandora’s Box skin is the most expensive Sports Glove skin on the market, selling for over $25,000 in Factory New condition.

4. Gamma Doppler Emerald Karambit

Gamma Doppler Emerald Karambit CSGO
Image credit: CSMoney

When it comes to knives in CSGO, the Karambit sits confidently as one of the most popular blades available. As such, the rarer Karambit skins sell for a pretty penny, especially if you’re into the color green. With a sleek metallic edge that does the name justice, the Gamma Doppler Emerald Karambit is both stylish and expensive. Although it’s not the most expensive knife skin sold to date, it’s definitely one of the most sought-after, driving its sell-price up to $8,000 and beyond.

5. Doppler Sapphire Butterfly Knife

Doppler Sapphire Butterfly Knife CSGO
Image credit: CSMoney

While Karambits often get all the attention, the Butterfly Knife has a few rare skins that can empty your wallet faster than a headshot from an aimbot. Topping the list as the most expensive Butterfly Knife in the CSGO skin market is the Doppler Sapphire Butterfly Knife. Like the Emerald Karambit, the Doppler Sapphire offers a shiny and sleek edge, giving your opponent a nice flourish of color before you end their life. Originally added to CSGO in early-2017, the Doppler Sapphire has quickly become a favorite for Butterfly Knife enthusiasts. However, with a price tag exceeding $14,000, you might want to start saving your cash now.

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