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    South Park: Snow Day! Review – Forgettable Fun

    South Park: Snow Day is a sequel that tries to shake things up, but to mixed results. Find out if it’s worth playing with our review!

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Review – Sargon’s Saga

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a spin-off that elevates this forgotten franchise into a satisfying, modern Metroidvania.

    The Best Games of 2023: Top 10, Ranked

    There were some pretty sweet games last year, weren’t there? Dang, someone should make a list of the best games of 2023. Oh, wait.

    The Best Game Remakes/Remasters of 2023

    The best game remakes of 2023 and made us marvel with their technical wizardry. It might be nostalgia bait, but who cares?

    The Funniest Games of 2023

    Despite the stresses of the real world, the funniest games of 2023 provided a perfect opportunity for cheerful escape.

    The Best Multiplayer Games of 2023

    2023 had some spectacular multiplayer games. These are our favorites!

    Like a Dragon Gaiden is the Best Yakuza Game to Play First

    Like a Dragon Gaiden is a spin-off that works wonderfully as an entry point for newcomers to the franchise, cutting out the fat and keeping all the fun.

    Diablo IV: Season of Blood Resurrects a Dying Game

    Diablo IV Season 2: The Season of Blood, adds a slathering of new stuff to do while fixing some long overdue issues, making the game surprisingly fun to play again.

    The Funniest Games of 2022

    It’s hard for games to make us genuinely laugh. Let’s give a nod to the funniest games of 2022!

    The Best Party Member in Mass Effect: Every Party Member Ranked

    There are plenty of party members in Mass Effect, but only one can win our top spot. Let’s rank every party member in Mass Effect!

    Every Episode of Love, Death, & Robots Season 2 Ranked

    The animated sci-fi anthology Love, Death, & Robots is back with another season! Here’s our list of every episode ranked from worst to best.

    Pillage and Thrive With These 5 Valheim Tips

    After spending over 100 hours in the dangerous world of Viking lore, we’ve got some useful Valheim tips to help you on your journey.

    5 Super Rare and Expensive CSGO Skins

    These five CS:GO skins are worth a pretty penny, with some selling for well over six figures. These are the rarest and most expensive CS:GO skins.

    The Best Games of 2020

    2020 had some remarkably entertaining games. After much deliberation, these are our picks for the best games of 2020.

    The Most Disappointing Games of 2020

    2020 had some surprise hits and some equally surprising flops. These are our picks for the most disappointing games of 2020.

    The Best Boss Fights of 2020

    This year had plenty of bombastic battles against fearsome foes. Here are our picks for the best boss fights of 2020.

    I Really Appreciate Pelagos in WoW Shadowlands

    WoW Shadowlands offers some representation with a well-written NPC that I can’t stop thinking about.

    The Quick and Simple Xbox Series X Buying Guide

    If you’re thinking about picking up a new Xbox Series console this holiday, check out our handy buying guide to make things easier.

    6 More Spooky Horror Games to Play on Halloween

    Halloween is right around the corner, so play these six spooky games to celebrate! It’s time to get into the spirit of the season.

    Amnesia: Rebirth Review – The Sands of Suspense

    After a seven-year hiatus, Amnesia is back! Find out if Amnesia: Rebirth is worth your time with our review.

    Metamorphosis Review – A Buggy Adventure

    Metamorphosis puts you in the shoes of Gregor, a salesman turned insect. Let’s find out if this is an insect adventure worth crawling through!

    What Your World of Warcraft Class Says About You

    There are tons of classes in WoW. Let’s take a look at what your favorite World of Warcraft class says about you.

    3 of the Best Video Game Documentaries to Watch Now

    If you just finished watching High Score on Netflix, here are three other great video game documentaries to watch.

    Battletoads (2020) Review – A Colorful and Varied Return

    After years of neglect, the beat ’em up crew known as the Battletoads are back! Find out if Battletoads (2020) is worth your time with our re

    Superhot: Mind Control Delete Review – Red Hot Roguelike

    Superhot is back and now it’s a roguelike! Does this slow-mo shooter work in bite-sized chunks or has Superhot turned to a simmer?

    Superliminal Review – More Than Meets the Eye

    Superliminal forces you to bend your perspective to solve its mind-boggling puzzles, but is the satisfaction worth your time and money?

    Netflix’s Kingdom: Resurrecting a Genre

    Netflix offers a highly cinematic and unique take on the world of zombies in the show Kingdom. Find out why Kingdom on Netflix should be your next binge.

    Fury Unleashed Review – A Bloody Comic Romp

    Fury Unleashed puts you in the shoes of a comic protagonist, racking up combos and killing baddies. Let’s see if it’s any fun.

    Pixel Ripped 1995 PSVR Review – Playful Childhood Pixels

    Pixel Ripped 1995 leads players through a trippy world of childhood and retro gaming. Find out if it’s worth your time with our review!

    Alien Ranked – Every Alien Movie, Ranked Worst to Best

    In celebration of Alien Day on April 26th, we’ve ranked every Alien movie from worst to best. Find out if you agree with our pick for the best Alien movie!

    5 Magical Things We Want to See in Witchbrook

    Learning magical spells while trying to graduate witch school sounds awesome! Here are the five things we want to see from Witchbrook.

    Matt’s Top 10 Games of 2019

    2019 was packed with some absolutely fantastic games. As we cap off our Best of the Year coverage, here are my top 10 games of 2019.

    Jamie’s Top 10 Games of 2019

    2019 has come and gone, and with it, its fair share of surprises, upsets, triumphs, and troubles. These are my picks for the top 10 games of 2019.

    5 Upcoming Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2020

    2020 is set to be another exceptional year for gaming. There are tons of titles we are amped for, but these are five upcoming games that stick out.

    Top 10 Movies of 2019

    2019 was a great year for films, whether it be indie, international, or mainstream Hollywood. Join us as we count down our top 10 favorite movies of 2019!

    Locke & Key Review – Unlock the Mystery

    In this Netflix adaptation of the Joe Hill comic series, the three Locke siblings uncover magical keys in their house. Find out if this series is worth binging with our review!

    Patrick Hickey Jr Uncovers the Secret Stories of Game Development

    Patrick Hickey Jr digs deep into the stories behind major game development in his book series, the Minds Behind the Games. We asked him a bit about his process and his journey so far.

    Stardew Valley Tips for New Farmers

    If you just picked up Stardew Valley and are looking for some tips on how to make the best use of your starting hours, check out this list of handy pointers!

    Jumanji: The Video Game Review – Can You Smell It?

    Jumanji: The Video Game is the type of movie tie-in game that is baffling on several levels. Find out what we thought of this exceptionally underwhelming experience.

    The Best Multiplayer Games for Holiday Hangouts

    Bored on Thanksgiving or looking to create the next great Christmas-party memory? Turn on one of these awesome multiplayer games for maximum holiday hangs!

    Doctor Sleep Review – Ghosts of the Overlook

    As both an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel and a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, Doctor Sleep has big shoes to fill. Let’s see how bright it shines.

    The Best Companion in Outer Worlds: Every Companion Ranked

    With six to choose from, picking the best companion in The Outer Worlds is a tough task. Here’s our list of every companion in Outer Worlds ranked from worst to best.

    Our Thoughts on Dampe’s Dynamic Dungeon Designer

    In Link’s Awakening, you can make your own dungeons with Dampe’s Dynamic Dungeon Designer! Is this the Zelda-Maker of our dreams?

    The Best Games to Play on Halloween

    The scariest holiday is right around the corner, so check out our picks for the best games to play on Halloween! Get ready to get scared!

    The Weirdest and Funniest Side Quests in Borderlands 3

    Borderlands has always been a weird franchise. Borderlands 3 is no exception. These are the weirdest and funniest side quests you’ll find.

    El Camino Review – Pink Man Hunt

    Nearly six years after the end of Breaking Bad, Netflix and Vince Gilligan have released El Camino. Find out if this Jesse-focused story is worth the watch!

    Joker Review – Why So Serious

    Joaquin Pheonix delivers a haunting performance as the iconic Batman villain, but is the rest of this origin story worth your time?

    The Best Speedruns of GDQx 2019 at Twitchcon

    Love speedruns? We’ve curated a list of the best speedruns from GDQx 2019 at Twitchcon! If you couldn’t catch the entire marathon, check out these highlights!

    The Boys Review – Down with the Supes

    When superheroes go beyond the law, it’s up to The Boys to straighten them out. Find out if this gory comic book adaptation is worth the binge-watch!

    Every Episode of Love, Death & Robots Season 1 Ranked

    The stunning animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots has gripped Netflix viewers with its variety of stories. But which episode is the best?

    Blazing Chrome Review – Riveting Retro Run ‘n Gun

    Blazing Chrome blasts into the past with high-octane action among a flurry of pretty pixels. Let’s find out if this post-apocalyptic world is worth saving.

    The Best Speedruns of Summer Games Done Quick 2019

    Summer Games Done Quick 2019 was a fantastic speedrun marathon full of exciting stuff. Check out our picks for the best speedruns from SGDQ 2019!

    Stranger Things 3: The Game Review – Neon Hawkins

    Save the town of Hawkins from another sci-fi threat in this video game adaptation of Stranger Things Season 3! Find out if this game is worth your time with our definitive review.

    10 Tips for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally out, and we’re here to deliver 10 tips to help you defeat some vampires and fully explore that castle!

    The Commander Lilith DLC is a Great Excuse for More Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2 is back with a brand-new DLC, and it’s free for a limited time! Check out our thoughts on the Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary!

    Dauntless Hunts for Fortnite Success as a Free to Play Monster Hunter

    Hunting monsters with friends is fun, and even more fun when it’s free! Dauntless brings exciting crossplay multiplayer action at the low price of nothing.

    Audience Members Can’t Stop Yelling During E3 2019 Presentations

    For some reason, audience members can’t stop yelling during this year’s E3 press conferences. Paid plants or rude dudes? You decide.

    The Most Underrated Games from the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing

    Microsoft had a good presentation with the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing, but I feel like some of the games were lost in the shuffle. Here are my picks for the most underrated games of the presentation.

    THQ Nordic Announces Three New Games Ahead of E3 2019

    E3 2019 is right around the corner, but that didn’t stop THQ Nordic from revealing three new projects early!

    The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience Brings Bass and Baseball to Netflix

    The Lonely Island return with another musical mockumentary, this time focused on the 1980’s professional baseball duo, the Bash Brothers. Fans of hip-hop and rap will love this eclectic combination.

    Team Sonic Racing Review – Speeding Teams

    Team Sonic Racing is all about going fast; really fast. Find out if this Sonic-infused kart racer is worth your time and money with our definitive review!

    Pirates Outlaws is a Buried Treasure

    Developer Fabled Games offers roguelike pirate action in the new mobile game, Pirates Outlaws!

    Stardew Valley Review – Down on the Farm

    Stardew Valley opens up the joys of rural living and farmland maintenance to a console or PC near you. Find out what makes this colorful simulation game truly exceptional with our review!

    Matt Owen’s Top 10 Games of 2018

    2018 was a fantastic year for games, so let’s take a minute to list appreciate my picks for the top 10 games of the year!

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review – Shinobi Souls

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tasks you with taking on a brutal adventure as a master ninja assassin. Let’s see if this is a challenge worth taking!

    Tom Clancy’s The Divison 2 Review – Throwing SHD

    Tom Clancy’s vision of a post-viral infected America continues in The Division 2. Let’s see if this trip to a ruined Washington D.C. is worth the ticket!

    The Coolest Gaming Screenshots of February 2019

    February was a month full of colorful games. Let’s take a look at our picks for the coolest gaming screenshots of February 2019.

    Jamie’s Top 5 Games of 2018

    Kevin delivers his five picks for the best games of 2018! See what his favorites were in this great year of gaming.

    Dumbo Review – Dearest Baby Dumbo

    This Tim Burton remake of the classic 1941 Disney film has hit theaters near you! Find out if this is a tale worthy of revisiting with our definitive review.

    Season of the Drifter Keeps Destiny 2 Fresh

    Gambit Prime, The Reckoning, and much more have made their way into Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter content! Is Gambit Prime the update we are hoping for?

    Captain Marvel Review – Less Than Marvelous

    It’s time for another superhero origin story! Let’s see if Captain Marvel is fun enough to hang with the rest of the Avengers crew.

    Top 10 Movies of 2018

    2018 had a slew of awesome movies, from blockbuster action to quiet indie darlings. Here are our picks for the top 10 movies of 2018.

    Of Course Far Cry New Dawn Has a Drug Trip Mission

    Far Cry 3 started a trend in the Far Cry formula that never fails to appear; the drug level. In Far Cry New Dawn, of course you’ll be going on another drug trip.

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Too Many Fake Endings

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate has an awesome single-player adventure mode. The only problem? It never, ever ends.

    Every Disney World in Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked

    Kingdom Hearts 3 contains several worlds themed after Disney films, and some work better than others. Here’s our ranked list of all the Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    The Coolest Gaming Screenshots of January 2019

    January of 2019 was packed with absolutely beautiful video games. From haunting city alleys to fantastical Disney worlds, here are our favorite gaming images from January!

    The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Was Saved by These Three Scenes

    Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season was better than I expected. Although the overall quality was ho-hum, these three scenes saved it.

    The Best Fighting Games of 2018

    2018 had us beating the living snot out of our best friends and worst enemies. Here are our picks for the best fighting games of 2018!

    The Most Accessible Games of 2018

    These games allowed us to share our gaming passion with our non-gaming friends, thanks to easy controls and intuitive game design. Here are our favorites!

    HITMAN 2 Review – Keep the Kills Coming

    HITMAN 2 is more of the same, but does that make it a bad game? Hardly so. Check out our review of this great stealth sequel!

    Dragalia Lost Resplendent Refrain Event is Keeping Me Interested

    Dragalia Lost has released another timely update. This time it’s another co-operative raid featuring a captivating coming of age tale of a talented young boy and his world-renowned choir.

    Spyro Ranked – The Original Spyro Trilogy, Ranked Worst to Best

    The original Spyro the Dragon trilogy on the Playstation is regarded as one of gaming’s classic action platformers. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald Review – Mischief Made

    The Fantastic Beasts franchise continues, serving as both a prequel to the Harry Potter films and its own story. Find out if it’s worth the ticket price with our definitive review!

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review – Three Fiery Adventures

    Spyro the dragon was an iconic character in the late 1990’s. Do the games still hold up today? Find out with our review of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy!

    Dragalia Lost is an Awesome Mobile Game with Exciting Events

    Nintendo’s newest mobile game is quite good, and the continuous in-game events keep things intense.

    Call of Cthulu Review – Island of Madness

    Call of Cthulu begs you to put on your detective hat and solve a horrifying mystery. Find out if this tentacled terror is worth it by reading our review!

    Letterkenny – Hicks, Skids, Hockey Players, and Christians

    CraveTV has created an interesting series that is as quirky as it is comedic. Check out our thoughts on LetterKenny, now available on Hulu!

    5 Fantastic Forza Horizon 4 Paint Jobs

    One of the best aspects of the Forza racing franchise are its customizable paint jobs. Here are five of the best user-created liveries we could find.

    Overcooked 2 Review – Crazy Cooperative Cooking

    Overcooked 2 is not only a fantastic sequel, but a must-buy indie cooperative cooking experience. Find out why we love it so much by reading our review!

    Ranking the Amnesia Series from Worst to Best

    The Amnesia series is sure to keep you up at night and get your skin crawling, but which game is the best? Find out which Amnesia title sent us into the darkest descent!

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