What Your World of Warcraft Class Says About You

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The twists and turns of 2020 have left everyone longing for simpler times. The unpredictable state of the world drives many to seek comfort in predictability, stability, and nostalgia. It’s no wonder that I found myself once again returning to the world of Azeroth a few months back to indulge in the vastness of the World of Warcraft to quiet my troubled mind. I found, too, that many of my peers were doing the same. We’ve traded economic woes for auction house gains, and transposed our lack of control over our environments to sheer domination in raids, dungeons, and quests.

While running through a particularly hard scenario, I pondered the all-important avatars of each of my friends and considered the personality behind the hulking, muscle-bound brutes that were systematically decimating their foes. This led me to devise a foolproof system to accurately divine the nature of the player behind the keyboard and give a little insight into the decisions that lead to choosing a class.

Death Knight

World of Warcraft Deathknight Class

You’re a bit of a control freak, but you like to think of it more as being a master of your own domain. With endless options in terms of castable spells and tricks and tools to conquer your goals, you wield the chill of death itself to subjugate your foes. You’ve got a morbid streak that some might consider a bit of a goth-phase, but who wouldn’t give their soul for glowing blue eyes and the ability to yoink someone from across a room?

Demon Hunter

World of Warcraft Demon Hunter

You’re a student of pizazz who lives by the motto: “If I don’t look good doing it, why bother?”. You wanted a class whose movements and abilities look like a blistering dance done by a powerlifter strapped with high-grade fireworks. You don’t have time to be anything but a hero, so skipping low levels isn’t a problem. After all, the world ain’t gonna save itself. Bonus points for the unique, if impractical weapons.


World of Warcraft Druid

Your peers might call you indecisive, but you consider yourself to be a specialist. One of the few classes capable of filling every possible role, and you typically play just one. That’s not to say you don’t dabble to take advantage of stealth, or the occasional health top-off in a pinch. Alternatively, you’re a naturalist, and the idea of being a literal tree that can heal people is a life goal. In your face, highschool counselor.


World of Warcraft Hunter

Born for middle management, you find joy in seeking strong allies. You have a toolkit for just about every situation that rivals Batman himself, and your trusty companions are never far away. You’re likely a little vain, but that’s just what jealous people say when they see how damn good you look in your most recent transmog set.


World of Warcraft Class Mage

Typically the funny one of the group and no one complains when you’re around. You really come alive when you have an audience, so alone time isn’t your favorite thing in the world. You’re no stranger to precision, so you’re comfortable in high-skill environments. Mages tend to be paper tigers, which often leads them to rely on a beefy ally to play big brother.


World of Warcraft Class Monk

Variety is the spice of life, and you know that better than most. Just like the Druid, you have options, but you don’t appreciate getting hair all over your fancy clothes from shapeshifting. You love to masquerade as the level headed one in the Discord chat, but they’ll never know you use push-to-talk so they can’t hear you cussing everyone out when they stand in fire.


World of Warcraft Paladin Class

You’re probably a bit of a diva, but everyone who says so eats crow when they need some defense. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty and looking good doing it. There’s a good chance you may have picked up this class just because you get to roleplay Captain America when you toss your shield. Let’s be honest, you probably got tired of boring transmog options on literally every other armor class and decided it was time for a plate user.


World of Warcraft Priest Class

Likely more than a little anxious, the average Priest player tends to be on call for every Mythic+ run like a fantasy nurse. No stranger to thankless work, you internalize the heaps of blame everyone throws at the healer and use it to personally relate to the depths of the soul needed to cast your character’s shadow spells. You’re rather spoiled by instant queues, so you feel aimless when left to make your own choices about what to do with your time.


World of Warcraft Rogue

Chances are, you play a Rogue in everything you play. You’re the type who took a break from playing stealth archer in Skyrim to go to your D&D session as a Rogue. You know what you like, and you do it well! No stranger to a little cruelty or manipulation to get what you need, you’re crafty and tend to have one-liners on deck to lighten the mood. Despite being a lone operator at heart, you tend to jive with just about any group you join.


World of Warcraft Shaman

Adaptable, sturdy, and reliable, the Shaman player is well rounded. You’ve always wished there was a Tank spec because Shaman has been, and always will be your favorite class. Even though Blizzard seems to change their play like, every patch, you manage to roll with the punches. Everyone loves Thrall, and you love an excuse to roleplay as him.


World of Warcraft Warlock

You’re crafty and willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals. You aren’t afraid to lean on friends to get you where you need to go, but not above using them as a means to an end. You likely chose Warlock because it’s one of the only grimdark classes in WoW, and the idea of commanding a small army of demons is a personal dream.


World of Warcraft Warrior Class

You’re no-nonsense. Either you act as the voice of reason in your squad, or you’re a total ragebeast when you lose in PvP. Your favorite part of the game is the Heroic Leap you can do from fight to fight, and you revel in looking and playing like a badass. Much like the other plate classes, you’re a bit of a fashion hunter and find yourself spending loads of gold on updating your look.

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This list is by no means exhaustive and based on my personal experience. If you feel an affinity with one of the descriptions, maybe now is the time to log back on and take advantage of the 100% XP buff Blizzard has granted until the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands release! Returning to WoW has been an absolute pleasure during COVID, and I love using it as a reason to stay connected with my friends despite the distance.

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