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Episode 140: The Best of 2019 Awards Finale

On the Best of 2019 Awards Finale, we discuss categories like: Best Gaming Music, Best Narrative, and Game of the Year!

Episode 139: The Best of 2019 Awards (Part Three)

Our penultimate installment in the Best of 2019 podcast series is here! This time, we discuss categories like Best DLC, Hardest Game, Most Unique, and more!

Episode 138: The Best of 2019 Awards (Part Two)

In this second installment of our Best of 2019 Awards series, we discuss categories like the Most Disappointing Game, Best RPG, Most Realistic Visuals, and more.

Episode 137: The Best of 2019 Awards (Part One)

The new year is here, and with 2019 in the rear-view mirror, it's time to reflect on everything from last year. We kick off our Best of 2019 awards with categories like Best Fighter, Best Shooter, Bes...

Episode 136: A Very Merry Gamecast Christmas

We're blasting through the holidays in style with this very merry Christmas special of Super Gamecast 64!

Episode 135: Dad’s Back with Turkey

Stuff your plates with our video game Thanksgiving! On this episode of SGC64, we discuss Death Stranding, Pokemon, and more!

Episode 134: Spooktober 2019 Halloween Special

Happy Halloween! Celebrate the scariest holiday with this extra-creepy episode of Super Gamecast 64! It's horror games and scares galore on this Spooktober special!

Episode 133: Spooktober 2019 Begins!

As the spooky season begins, so does our Halloween gaming podcast event! It's time for Spooktober on Episode 133 of SGC64!

Episode 132: Kool-Aid Mustache Kisses

The biggest news from Tokyo Game Show 2019 and PlayStation's State of Play, plus our thoughts on Borderlands 3 and Link's Awakening on this September-ending episode of SGC64!

Episode 131: Gears of Soft Vore 5

Nintendo had a lot to announce on their latest Nintendo Direct, and we're here to discuss it. Plus, all the latest and greatest in console and mobile games!

Episode 130: Dorito Pope IV: The Popening (Also Gamescom)

Gamescom was an awesome end to August of 2019! There's tons of news to cover as well as recent releases to discuss on this episode of SGC64!

Episode 129: One Bullet, Two Stones

It's time for another episode of Super Gamecast 64! Join us as we discuss topical game news and the latest video game releases!

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