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Episode 128: Just Give Him Lasagna

Avoid the August heat with another episode of Super Gamecast 64! On this episode, it's time to discuss San Diego Comic Con. Plus, all the newest game releases and industry news.

Episode 127: Super Summercast

Kick back and retreat from the summer heat with this new episode of Super Gamecast 64! We discuss the best games of summer 2019, along with the latest gaming news.

Episode 126: Everything from E3 2019

E3 2019 is over, and now we have a plethora of news and announcements to discuss! Tune in for all the news from E3 2019.

Episode 125: Pre-E3 Special aka Oops All Dragons!

The Super Gamecast 64 crew gather around for the annual tradition of E3 predictions! Join us as we dive deep into our hopes and dreams for E3 2019!

Episode 124: Robot Master Fight Club

Matt and Tyler dish out the latest news and excitement in the gaming industry in this two-man episode of SGC64!

Episode 123: The Bluest Blurs

On this episode of Super Gamecast 64, we discuss our most anticipated games of 2019, the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, and much more. Listen now!

Episode 122: Season 5 Premiere

Welcome to the Season 5 premiere of Super Gamecast 64! In this episode, we discuss all the games from Q1 of 2019, as well as our predictions for the coming year!

Episode 121: Best of 2018 Awards Finale & Super Spoilercast

It's the season finale of Super Gamecast 64: Season 4! We wrap up our Best of 2018 Awards, including our pick for Game of the Year!

Episode 120: Best of 2018 Awards (Part Three)

The Best of 2018 Awards continue in this third installment of Super Gamecast 64's end of season special!

Episode 119: Best of 2018 Awards (Part Two)

On this episode, we continue our deliberations for the Best of 2018 Awards! We discuss categories such as: Best Strategy, Best Shooter, Best Open World, and more!

Episode 118: Best of 2018 Awards (Part One)

It's time to debate our favorite games of 2018! Join us as we discuss categories like: Best Fighter, Most Unique, and Most Disappointing!

Episode 117: Christmas Special, with Presents!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Super Gamecast 64 family to yours! On this holiday-themed episode, the entire crew sits down to discuss a slew of gaming and Christmas-related stuff.

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