Episode 120: Best of 2018 Awards (Part Three)

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It’s another entry in the Best of 2018 Awards, and we’re not done yet! On this episode of Super Gamecast 64, the gang sits down to discuss a slew of games spread out across several bite-sized categories. Categories for Episode 120 include: Best Video Game Remake of 2018, Best Multiplayer, Best Visuals, and more! 2018 had tons of great single player adventures, and while we have given them their fair time, this episode is mostly about the best multiplayer that 2018 had to offer. We also discuss games with the best style and visuals, covering everything from AAA mainstream blockbusters to indie darlings.

This is the first year for our “Best Remake or Remaster” category, and we’ve also changed up how we handle Best Visuals. We hope you’ll enjoy the new additions and the changes, but please leave us a comment with your thoughts! We love doing the Best of the Year awards on Super Gamecast 64, and we hope you enjoy listening.

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Show Notes: Music used in this episode (in chronological order of appearance) is as follows:

Psychic Type – Pocket Monsters

The Messenger – Autumn Hills (Past)

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Main Theme

Mystery Song

The mystery song from Episode 119 of Super Gamecast 64 was from the beautiful indie GRIS, and is simply titled “Part 1“.

Thanks for listening! If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you check out the past two entries in the Best of 2018 series! Listen to Episode 118 and Episode 119 of Super Gamecast 64 for more end-of-year discussions! Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes, so the Review Robot 2K123000 can read it on the show! Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you for Part Four of the Best of 2018 Awards on Episode 121!

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