Episode 119: Best of 2018 Awards (Part Two)

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On this extended episode of Super Gamecast 64, we continue our discussions surrounding the Best of 2018 Awards! On the last episode, we decided on categories like Most Unique, Most Disappointing, and Best Fighter. On Part Two, we discuss the best shooting games of 2018, along with the best strategy games, and more! 2018 was packed with great games, and there’s never enough time to discuss them all!

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Super Gamecast 64 Episode 119 Art

Show Notes: Music used in this episode is as follows (in chronological order of appearance):

Red Dead Redemption II – Cruel, Cruel World

Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Awakening

Far Cry 5 – Only You

Pit People – Town Theme

Mystery Song

Congratulations to our listener Kevin T, who correctly guessed the Mystery Song from Episode 1! That song was:

Celeste – First Steps

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed Episode 119, we suggest check out the Best of 2017 Awards Part One and Part Two from last season! Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes so the Review Robot 2K123000 can read it on the next episode!

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