Episode 118: Best of 2018 Awards (Part One)

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As we wish 2018 farewell and bring in the second month of 2019, it’s time for tradition on Super Gamecast 64! Every year, we sit down for a few hours and discuss our favorite (and least favorite) games. Split into categories, we debate our nominees and eventually come out with a winner and a runner-up. 2018 had an obnoxious amount of games to sift through, and more than enough software for any gamer to play.

This week, we cover four categories and award four victories (well, maybe one loss). On this episode of the Best of 2018 series, sit back and listen as we discuss these four categories: Most Accessible Game, Best Fighter, Most Unique Game, and Most Disappointing Game.

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Super Gamecast 64 Episode 118 Episode Art

Show Notes: Music used in the episode is as follows (in chronological order of appearance):

Donut County – Garbage Day,

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Lifelight

Yoku’s Island Express – Yoku Taidua And The Village

Fallout 76 – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Celeste – First Steps

Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed Episode 118, we suggest check out the Best of 2017 Awards Part One and Part Two from last season! Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes so the Review Robot 2K123000 can read it on the next episode!

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