Episode 121: Best of 2018 Awards Finale & Super Spoilercast

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It’s time for us to say goodbye to 2018 and Season 4 of Super Gamecast 64, and move onto a brand new chapter! Episode 121 is the final episode of Season 4, and the climactic end to our Best of 2018 Awards! On this episode, we wrap up the Best of 2018 awards with these categories: Best Music, Best New Game that Looks Like an Old Game, and Game of the Year. Then, we move onto the Super SpoilerCast segment, where we discuss our favorite gaming narratives and the best gaming moments of 2018! As a bonus, the Best Music category is fully scored, with 13 minutes of music to guide your ears.

This is the first year we’ve featured the “Best New Game that Looks Like an Old Game” category, and we hope you enjoy it! It’s a fun and quirky category that we enjoyed discussing, and we think you’ll have just as much fun listening

You can listen to Super Gamecast 64 Episode 121 directly in your browser, on iTunes, or your favorite podcast apps like Spotify and Stitcher!

Super Gamecast 64 will return in the Spring for Season 5, where we’ll kick off the new year with our most anticipated games, as well as catch up on everything we missed during the break! There are so many games coming out in February, that we might even do a bonus show to tide you over. Just keep a look out on your feeds for that!

Between all of our Best of 2018 Awards episodes, there is well over 7 hours of content to enjoy, so we hope you had a blast with the year end celebration. We know we did! In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting our personal lists of the best gaming, movie, and television content from 2018! There’s even more year-in-review stuff to check out, even after the podcast has ended!

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I’m a lifelong gamer and an overall media junkie. I also watch an unhealthy amount of movies and try to spread as much love into the world as I can. Hope you enjoyed the content!

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