The Funniest Games of 2023

Despite the stresses of the real world, video games provide a perfect place for a cheerful escape. The funniest games of 2023 did exactly that, giving us and our friends some wonderfully silly adventures. Whether through slapstick humor, meta-jokes, or any combination of pleasantly laughable means, these titles definitely managed to tickle my funny bone, one way or another

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kei Cabaret Hostess

Like last year’s list of The Funniest Games of 2022, we’re saluting a selection of titles that chose to be lighthearted and humorous rather than dreary and dark. These games have been listed in no specific order, as comedy is subjective, and while I might find a few of these titles chuckle-worthy, they might not hit for others. That said, as long as you’re not a total ball of cynical hate, at least one of these games should be worthy of being deemed the funniest video game of 2023!

The Funniest Games of 2023

5. Party Animals

Developed by Recreate Games, Party Animals is a competitive experience that’s all about adorable animals entering often fatal fights just for the fun of it. The undeniably cutesy look of each cheek-squeezable character makes the combat all the more hilarious, as combatants are whipped around arenas with notable force.

Party Animals Snapshot knockout

If you gather a group of friends and start walloping on each other in Party Animals, it’s pretty much a guaranteed good time. Although a lack of updates has caused a post-launch decline in popularity, Party Animals is a ridiculously good pick for the funniest game of 2023.

4. SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake

Following the successful remake of SpongeBob Squarepants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, developer Purple Lamp was definitely prepared to create a wholly original Spongebob game. Enter The Cosmic Shake, a platforming adventure that will have you giggling with glee as you bash jellyfish across the multiverse.

SpongeBob Squarepants Riding a Seahorse

Although the humor of SpongeBob isn’t for everyone, fans of the original cartoon should find The Cosmic Shake surprisingly high quality. Purple Lamp didn’t skimp here, as The Cosmic Shake features a slew of the original voice actors and was written by the jokesters who currently pen the actual cartoon. Humorous dialogue and silly slapstick scenes are just a few of the reasons why we consider SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake one of the funniest games of 2023.

3. HiFi Rush

Apart from an excess of quippy dialogue, lovable characters, and some exceptionally hilarious cameo characters, HiFi Rush isn’t exactly what I’d consider a funny game. Instead, it’s more like Devil May Cry with the saturation turned up to 11, with combat and movement all timed to banger beats and wreck-worthy riffs.

HiFi Rush Crew Gets Ready for Battle

Coming from the twisted minds at Tango Gameworks, the gameplay in HiFi Rush is nothing short of perfect rhythm-action, but that’s not what makes it memorable for me. When I think of HiFi Rush, I’m immediately drawn back to the lovably dim-witted protagonist Chai, the overzealous ally CNMN, and the rest of the gang. Sure, HiFi Rush has jokes, but it’s the charm, spirit, and irrefutable upbeat nature that qualifies it for the funniest game of 2023.

2. Sea of Stars

Turn-based RPGs have always been an awkward genre for me, because they often live or die by the quality of their storytelling. Far too often, stories in JRPGs miss the mark, with archetypal characters, a boring tone, or cringe-worthy dialogue. Sea of Stars dodged most of those bullets, telling an entertaining story with charming characters, that by some miracle, was also incredibly funny at times.

Sea of Stars Yolande Merchant Joke

Sea of Stars definitely sticks close to the expected JRPG formula in its overarching narrative, but it’s not afraid to poke fun at both the genre and itself whenever possible. It never becomes a true parody, but Sea of Stars is well-versed in the tropes of the genre, and by occasionally breaking the fourth wall, delivers some true laugh-out-loud moments. Even though most JRPG “comedy” usually makes me cringe so hard that I pull a muscle, I’m proud to have Sea of Stars grace this list of the funniest games of 2023.

1. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

In my opinion, the Like a Dragon/Yakuza franchise is at its best when it plays into the goofy factor, eschewing an opportunity for serious drama in favor of a silly but funny pay-off. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, is essentially a spin-off that delivers exactly that 90% of the time, while returning to the beat ’em up roots that made the series so popular.

Onomichi singing karaoke in the christmas time

The Man Who Erased His Name stars series regular Kiryu Kazuma as he goes undercover as the mysterious “Joryu”, once again falling into a complex tale of criminal conspiracy. Since Kiryu’s best disguise is literally just a single pair of sunglasses, it becomes a running joke that everyone recognizes him, as he quickly falls back into his old habits. Between the awkwardly hilarious new full-motion-video hostess mini-game (pictured above), tons of humorous side quests, and the long list of offbeat, charming characters, The Man Who Erased His Name has everything you’d want in one of the funniest games of 2023.

Laughs are often hard to come by, so the “Funniest Game of 2023” category has always been one of my favorites. Any game that makes me audibly chuckle gets a special stamp of approval, and this list only represents a handful of the hilarious games that came out this year. If you think we missed any of the funniest games of 2023 on our list, let your voice be heard and drop a reply on our social media posts. Thanks for reading.

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