The Best Multiplayer Games of 2023

Best Multiplayer Games of 2023

The best multiplayer games of 2023 were a breath of fresh air, with a selection of both quirky indie titles and big-budget cooperative adventures. Whether you were teaming up with your friends to tackle objectives or griefing them to no end, the best multiplayer games of 2023 made our sessions with friends all the more enjoyable.

Redfall team messing around
Redfall was fun for messing around, at least.

Today, we’re counting down the best multiplayer games of 2023, ranging from underrated indie battle royales to psychedelic platforming masterpieces. These games are listed in no particular order, as we feel like any of our nominees are well worth your attention. So, if you’re looking for the best games to play with friends from 2023, we can’t recommend these enough!

The Best Multiplayer Games of 2023

6. Diablo IV

Diablo IV had a rocky start, but a collection of patches and seasonal content have kept this ARPG alive well after release. Truth be told, the game lacks some basic multiplayer features, like group-finders and world-event matchmaking, but it’s still tons of fun to play with friends.

Lillith Fight Diablo IV

Decimating demons throughout the game’s lengthy campaign is enjoyable as a group affair, but things get even more fun once you start delving into endgame dungeons, battling secret bosses, and more. I had plenty of excellent monster-slaying sessions with friends throughout the year, so Diablo IV definitely deserves a spot on this list of the best multiplayer games of 2023.

5. Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

In Headbangers, you and a group of 30 other players compete in rounds of rhythm-based mini-games, but only the most musically inclined contestants will come out on top. This eccentric indie game was released to minimal fanfare toward the end of October, but it still hit all the right notes.

Headbangers Rhythm Royale gameplay

Borrowing mechanics from games like Fall Guys, WarioWare, and Rhythm Heaven, Headbangers is a goofy multiplayer game that is perfect for a quick bout of musical competition. As some might say, “it’s a perfect Xbox Game Pass game”. I encourage you and your friends to download it and give it a try – it’s sure to elicit a few laughs and you might just find yourself hooked.

4. Party Animals

Like Headbangers, Party Animals isn’t a wholly original game by any means. This party game is similar to Gangbeasts or Fall Guys, where cuddly and cute combatants must fight to the bitter end in several wacky arena-style game modes. Whether you’re playing as a puppy, a walrus, an unicorn, or any other fluffy friend, the name of the game is mayhem.

Party Animals Snapshot knockout

Party Animals has wonky controls, overpowered weapons, and some incredibly unbalanced mini-games, but that’s part of the charm. While playing, I was rarely concerned with the “fairness” of the game. It’s hard to care about those kinds of things when you’re lost in the hilarity of bludgeoning your friends with shovels, lollipops, and an assortment of other weapons. In short, Party Animals is a gleefully ridiculous experience and a clear front runner for the best multiplayer game of 2023.

3. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Super Mario Bros. series has always made sure to include a handful of multiplayer features and Super Mario Bros. Wonder keeps that trend alive with style. Generally speaking, Super Mario Wonder is an absurdly psychedelic and wacky platformer that simply gets better with friends. Thankfully, the game offers several ways to link up for multiplayer.

Super Mario Wonder Intro

Like in previous games, Super Mario Wonder lets you and several friends link up on the same system for local co-op, but thanks to Nintendo Online, you can also play with friends around the world! Better yet, there are even a handful of special companion characters for less-experienced players to control, so everyone can contribute to the fun. Not only is Super Mario Wonder a truly special adventure, but it’s a perfect family-friendly pick for the best multiplayer game of 2023.

2. Exoprimal

Exoprimal is the weirdest, most inventive, and dare I say addictive multiplayer games of 2023. Developed by Capcom and released with very little marketing, this squad-based hero shooter is reminiscent of Overwatch, but with a much crazier twist. Sure, two teams compete in objective-based matches, but it’s the rampaging dinosaurs that you really have to worry about.

Exoprimal Gameplay

During every match in Exoprimal, you’ll spend most of your time blasting through thousands of bloodthirsty dinosaurs, occasionally facing off against boss dinos for good measure. After leveling up, you may encounter some “glitches” in the system, revealing a darker truth behind the peculiar dino-themed battles. You might even find yourself completing massive boss raids with lobbies of 32 players or more. It’s disappointing to me that Exoprimal was brushed under the rug by so many players. It’s absolutely one of the best multiplayer games of 2023 and more people need to play it.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite continues to get a bad rap year after year, even when it produces culturally significant gaming moments that few other titles have managed to accomplish. We get it, Fortnite is a walking meme: it’s even got buff Peter Griffin with a pump shotgun now. That said, throughout 2023, Fortnite remained a never-ending source of new content, excitement, and innovation. In 2023, Fortnite kept the fun going with new seasonal content, including the extremely popular “OG Fortnite” mini-season.

Fortnite Gameplay

However, in December, the game was cracked wide open. Now, Fortnite is no longer just a battle royale bursting to the seams with licensed skins. New modes are popping up at a rapid pace, including the Minecraft-inspired “Lego Fortnite”, a new kart-racer called “Rocket Racing” (featuring vehicles from Rocket League), and even a rhythm game mode called “Fortnite Festival”, which was created by Harmonix. Love it or hate it, Fortnite continued to dominate across the calendar year, making it an essential pick for our list of the best multiplayer games of 2023.

That wraps up our list of the best multiplayer games of 2023! Do you think we missed anything in particular? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this article or make your voice heard on our social media platforms. Thanks for reading.

This is just the first “Best of 2023” list for our Super Gamesite 64 2023 Awards, with plenty more on the way! Check back regularly for more categories!

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