Dragalia Lost is an Awesome Mobile Game with Exciting Events

Dragalia Lost is the newest app game from Nintendo. It’s a great little gachapon-style ARPG with an isometric look and a push-and-slide simulated control system with a fantastic story. All of this combined with a killer OST from DAOKO, and Dragalia Lost has become almost an instant classic. The gameplay functions water a traditional elemental hierarchy in which water beats fire, wind beats water, etc. It’s a very simple game with just enough autoplay features to not be intrusive for even the most casual players.

Dragalia Lost follows the seventh son of a royal family named Euden. After encountering a child of the forest known as Cleo, Euden discovers that his royal bloodline allows him to fuse with the spirit of a dragon in what is known as a Wyrmpact. After defeating and earning the respect of Midgardsormr, the wind wyrm, Euden embarks on a quest with his sister to investigate the odd behavior of their father, the king.

Dragalia Lost Samurai Siesta

The game itself leans heavily on the story elements, which is unusually deep for a mobile game. The cast of characters is extremely large, and grows with every event. Despite this, they manage to make each and every one unique and memorable. As you level up and unlock their innate abilities, you also receive a small story segment that gives you more information as to the origins or motivations of each character. The same goes for dragons, and special paintings that empower your adventurers known as Wyrmprints. All of these components make up the core function of the gameplay which increases your overall “might”. This is an indicator of your progress which can be enhanced by leveling your weapons, character, wyrmprints, and dragons. In addition, there’s a lightweight building aspect to the game in which you build and enhance buildings that surround your castle which increase your might exponentially.

Dragalia Lost Leviathan

Dragalia Lost has only been out for a few months now, but already the dev team has been incredibly responsive and helpful. They’ve already worked their way through about 4 different events, including a fun Halloween event in which they had you pit your heroes against a giant pumpkin-headed fiend. All of these events have corresponding storylines and heroes specific to the event that you can earn through the gachapon summoning. The summoning can be completed with in-game currency, or premium currency which is the source of the game’s revenue.

Dragalia Lost Nidhogg

As of the time of this writing, the event currently going on is “A Wish To The Winds”. The storyline follows a doting sister, and her capable younger brother who is trying to prove his competence to her. Louise and Lowen are on the run from a wyrm who is demanding Lowen as a sacrifice. Louise has always been her brother’s protector and continuously treats him like a helpless child. No spoilers here, but their story continues over the span of the 10 day event, with a multitude of opportunities to grind out gear, adventurers, and wyrmprints!

Dragalia Lost Gameplay 2

Dragalia has an amazing dev team, and a lot of fun, repeatable content that can easily be auto-run in a pinch. With new content almost 4 times a month, this game’s got legs. I’d recommend picking it up while it’s hot, because the co-op in the game is quite a bit of fun. Besides, what’s better than running some quests with your friends?

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